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Water Nymph

Simple one, again. A woman/nymph carrying some water. Drawn in 2002.

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Completely Abstract

And now for something completely abstract: No funny characters today, no computers, eyes or cyborgs. Just some round shapes shaded with black-and-white patterns.

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I Miss My Tank

This girl used to ride around in a shiny orange tank. Now it is lost, she does not even know where the keys are.

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Mister Tree

One more of simple ones. Well, simple in terms of color gradation. Shapes most likely inspired by Tim Burton and Neil Gaiman.

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Despite what may appear obvious, the title “Phatty” has nothing to do with joints and weed. It is, in fact, a word-play on Turkish name Fatih (no, not “faith”) which is pronounced pretty much the same.

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Clawz & Sycco

Yet another case of characters talking back at me. She should be thankful I don’t draw in pencil, because I do have plenty of erasers around.

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What the %&*# am I now, huh?!!

My doodles like to talk back at me once I finished drawing, evaluating my performance. They tend to curse a lot. This one may be NSFW, but that really depends on where you work.

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The Giant Eye of Disapproval

This one started off as a human face study, but soon turned into something quite silly. Must have watched too many Tex Avery cartoons around that time.

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The Queen

Sometimes get out of control – I would plan to write something and then the writing turns into a drawing. Just like that half an hour or a full hour can be lost. Well, not lost-lost, but… re-purposed.

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the_city: First Meeting

At the end of the original run of the_city all the characters went their separate ways. In the series two some of them came back. This was the sketch for the first meeting between the long-lost friends.

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