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Tutorial: Scrolling LED Text

In this After Effects tutorial I will show you how to create your own highly customizable LED screen effect, ready to convert any text or image into pixelated goodness. The video covers the setup, expressions and usage of this versatile preset.

The preview video below shows but one possible way of using the Scrolling LED Text and the tutorial concentrates on the effect itself, rather than the setup of this particular scene.

Preview video uses a photograph by LonelyBob licensed under Creative Commons. It also features 5 notes from the Solitary Wasteland track on the Flower Soundtrack by Vincent Diamante and a sample from Pac-Man by Namco. This tutorial was made possible by the espresso coffee maker gifted to me as a wedding present.

Running time: 47min
Difficulty: Medium (quite a few expressions)
Required tools: After Effects (CS3 and above)

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Amex: Kanyon

This short, 30-second ad was prepared for display at Kanyon shopping center. The agency approached us with a ready concept, and we put this little video together in just two days.

Truth be said, we spent half of the first day on watching the butterflies outside of the window (glad it’s Spring). This “research” allowed us to create a realistic wing and body movement for each of 15.000 butterflies featured in this video. Winged creatures are where CGI often falls short of realism, and we took special care not to make them look artificial.

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