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VideoBits: _convo

VideoBits: _convo

_convo is a result of me continuing to mess around with my Chromatic Aberration Kit. It’s one of these things that simply sort of happened. Not quite large to make a big piece out of them, but cool enough not to discard.


Big thanks to Derrick for Plexus!

Chromatic Aberration: Tutorial & Preset Teaser

Chromatic Aberration: Tutorial & Preset Teaser

QubaHQ Tutorials have been on an extended hiatus for a while now. Unfortunately, while I have a number of cool new tools ready to go, I am currently not able to record and edit any new tutorial videos, so you will have to wait some more for that. Meanwhile, here is a result of me messing around with After Effects and testing my new Chromatic Aberration rig.


Once I get the chance, the rig will be published and distributed for free on this site. …and it is finally done! Check it at

Google: Nexus Playground

Google: Nexus Playground

For the 2012 launch of the new Nexus family of devices, we imagined a playful world of Google services interacting around a stack of devices. Following the success of the first Nexus Playground video, we were then asked to create a series of sequels, each talking about a particular type of experience Nexus can provide to its users.

The films below were originally published inside rich media banners, as a part of Google’s 2012/2013 Nexus: The Playground is Open campaign.
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PixelJunk Eden now on PC!

Around a year ago I published a Gotta Play article about PixelJunk Eden. It is a game that provided me with incredible amount of inspiration in my work, as well as hours of fun in my free time. A brainchild of Japan-based independent studio Q-Games and art director/DJ/multimedia artist Baiyon, Eden features possibly the most contemporary design I have ever seen in a video game.

Until yesterday, the game was exclusive to the PS3 platform, but now is available for all PC users through Steam. As a designer you owe it to yourself to check it out!

Check out and purchase Eden on Steam:

Read my review of PixelJunk Eden here:

For the first week, the game is offered at a 20% discount, bringing it to ridiculously low price of $7.99. You can also purchase the soundtrack. It’s well worth it.


I would like to invite you to visit – an online version of an exhibition by Quba Michalski, celebrating over a decade of his work in the field of motion design. Throughout this period Quba created several hundred of videos ranging from small independent pieces to massive visual extravaganzas for some of the world’s most well-known brands. MotionGraphs gives you a rare chance to gaze into the inner workings of his projects and examine in detail the way these selected works were constructed.

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Quba Michalski: Creative Free Agent

It is my pleasure to publicly announce that as of today I have changed my official status into Creative Free Agent and I am available for work with all interested parties. For all business inquiries you may contact me directly – the details can be found on the About page of this site.

It took me a while to figure out how to properly title myself and my services. Freelance Director? Motion Design Artist for Hire? Unassociated Writer/Art/Creative/Director? Truth be told, looking back at the past decade, it is much easier to list the things I did not do than all the roles I assumed on all the projects.

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Reel 2011

Here is my personal reel for June 2011, featuring commercial and independent pieces I have directed, edited, animated and designed in the recent years.

Music composed by Joel Nielsen.


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Mona Lisa Revisions

I found this one on a Turkish t-shirt site It is so spot-on, that I decided to translate it into English and share with you all.

If you have ever worked on a commercial design project, you should get a good laugh out of it.

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Get ready for Stash Online

Starting May 5th 2010, the Stash DVD magazine will be available in a new, online form. The full 120-hour archive of the world’s most exceptional animation, VFX and motion graphics will become accessible in a full resolution streaming video form. All the bonus materials such as behind the scenes, production notes, music, toolkit and more, will also wind place in this new format.

The regular price for a yearly subscription runs at $158, but if you pre-order it before May 1st, there is a whole bunch of discounted options available.

More details at:

Japan: The Strange Country

Japan: The Strange Country is an infographic animation, created as a final thesis project by a Japanese designer Kenichi Tanaka. This exceptionally executed 11 minute video examines Japan and its culture, taking a step back and observing it from a global perspective.

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