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Swedish Hero

Absolutely brilliant short movie made in order to… well, I don’t want to spoil the whole thing, so if you really have to know, read after the break.

Otherwise, click on the link below and enjoy:

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The New York Times

This is our one minute advertisement for the launch of Turkish Edition of The New York Times.

We constructed typographic versions of the most recognizable landmarks in Manhattan and Istanbul, and created a compact tour taking the audience from the New York Harbor all the way to the Bosphorus. Actual pages from the first issue of the newspaper were used to create the textures used in the scenes. The financial news page became NYSE and Wall Street, entertainment news turned into Times Square, and so on.

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Advanced Typing Tutor Software

We have all at one point or another encountered some sort of typing tutor program. They teach you how to position your hands on the keyboard, which keys to press using which finger in order to achieve maximum speed 10-finger typing skill.

My problem with these programs was always the boring routine of repeating the same basic lessons over and over. Rows and rows of asde sad desa ased dads sead deeds seeds sdsa needed to be typed over and over again.

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Shop&Miles: The Original Mix

This project is more of an exercise in editing, rather than your typical motion graphics. It was commisioned by Alametifarika for the launch of a new double credit card service of Garanti’s Shop&Miles.

The video features various stock clips synchronized with the music – each clip has its corresponding audio fragment. As the audio clips get mixed together, so do the videos.

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Making airport messages easier to understand

When I travel, I often find it difficult to understand the announcements broadcast through the P.A. system. Whether I am on the road or waiting for someone, the airports, train stations and bus terminals all use similar technology, digitally assembling announcement text from the pre-recorded fragments.

Whenever the announcement starts on the speakers, I need to stop whatever I am doing and concentrate, memorizing the letters and digits of the flight number and re-assembling them by myself.

All this is due to the way in which the audio clips used in the system are recorded, and can be fixed with just a little bit of extra effort.

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Parking lot map on the parking ticket

Let’s start with something simple:

People having problems finding their cars in the multi-story parking garages.

The problem and setup:

Most of the parking lots offer semi-automated ticketing system. When you enter, you receive a card recording the time of arrival. Upon exit, you need to either pay the fee or validate your stay and then use the same card at the exit gate in order to open it.

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Shop&Miles Cinema Ad

A simple short commercial for Shop&Miles credit card intended for cinema.

The animation was constructed from a single photograph of the plane, original design of the card and a whole bunch of subtle lighting and particle effects.

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Beko Rebranding

During the recent re-branding and identity change of the BEKO brand, we have been tasked with preparing the motion part of the new ID.

The project consisted of two phases: First we developed a new end-tag to be used by all of BEKO’s TV commercials. The tag went through several iterations until finally arriving at its final form in February 2009. Second, we created a Promotion Commercial template – a base upon which all the subsequent BEKO commercials advertising sale promotions will be built.

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Amex: Kanyon

This short, 30-second ad was prepared for display at Kanyon shopping center. The agency approached us with a ready concept, and we put this little video together in just two days.

Truth be said, we spent half of the first day on watching the butterflies outside of the window (glad it’s Spring). This “research” allowed us to create a realistic wing and body movement for each of 15.000 butterflies featured in this video. Winged creatures are where CGI often falls short of realism, and we took special care not to make them look artificial.

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Shop&Miles Cup 2008

This was another one of the “express” projects – scheduled to go on air mere hours before the start of the advertised sailing cup.

The basic design guidelines and the look of the campaign were already established by the agency in the print ads. We followed their concept featuring boat imagery and thin, repeating vector strokes. The series of stock videos were provided to us, as well. We threw them through some motion tracking and matchmoving, allowing us to integrate the graphic elements into the footage.

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