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10_11: Happy Holidays from imago!

Here’s a little video we cooked up at imago for this holiday season. May the new year bring you tons of inspiration, creative work, satisfied clients and just enough off time in between.


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imago Reel 2010

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s address change, I am happy to present you with the latest reel of imago studios, closing down year 2010. Not much to talk about here – press play, sit back and enjoy.

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Check out our Stash (issue 67)

Good news, everyone! Our piece, New York Times: The Turkish Edition is being featured in this month’s edition of Stash magazine (that’s Stash 67, April 2010). We are pleased to inform you that we are the first Turkish studio to have a commercial in this prestigious compilation.

Other studios featured in this issue include Radium, Glassworks, The Mill, Psyop, Superfad and many, many more (108 minutes of content). Check out the trailer for Stash 67 after the break.

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Your Life as One Big RPG (from DICE 2010)

Whether you are a gamer, designer, marketing specialist, advertiser or a consumer – you do not want to miss this presentation by Carnegie Mellon University professor Jesse Schnell. The presentation was delivered during DICE 2010 summit and covers games, social networks, marketing strategies, consumer trends, and many more subjects, delivering quite an interesting prognosis for the near future of life and entertainment.

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What’s happening here?

It has been a while since I updated any of my blogs. Bici Bee had his last episode in the middle of August 2009. Video Bits were gathering dust since September. Brainstorm… don’t even ask about that one.

Apparently multiple blogs are not my thing. Creating separate mini-site for every new idea did not work out. That is why I decided to consolidate all the content spread around various sites and domains into a final, decisive Quba HQ experience.

And that’s what you are looking at right now.

As the time passes I will migrate the posts into the archives of this new, final blog. They will maintain their original post dates, but comments will be lost – sorry about that. Simultaneously, I will be able to publish new posts on a wider variety of topics. Expect more rants, reviews, perhaps even a tutorial or two.

Now back to work. Got tons of posts to migrate.

Do not panic!

QubaHQ is undergoing some changes. We’ll be back very soon. Meanwhile feel free to explore the following: for Quba’s motion graphics for Adventures of the Bici Bee (webcomic) for Video Bits (visual experiments by Quba) for Brainstorm: Quba’s little big ideas

See you soon!

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